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Website Optimisation

Site Optimization

How does your store perform in the search engines?, can it be found when your products are searched for?, do you want more traffic to visit the site and increase your sales? then we can help you achieve this buy doing an audit of your site, checking your keywords and making changes where necessary to your online SEO, we will help you setup your Google Analytics and Webmaster tools so that it can be monitored, we can also install Google tag manager for you so that you can add various tags for your analytics.

Upgrade Service

Upgrade Service

Do you need help when it comes to upgrading your nopCommerce website version, we can help you by upgrading your database and website which we do by creating a second site on our Proofing Server, so that you can test it before putting it live, then when your happy it is as you wanted it we simply upload it to the live server for you, without causing any issues or down time with your live site.

Upgrade Service
Theme Creation Service

Theme Creation

Xtreme Commerce have been building custom themes for customers since 2013 using the Bootstrap Framework. Bootstrap is built on Mobile upwards ensuring your site will look good in any device, if you would like something that is different from everyone elses site then give us a call, and we'll be happy to help you to get what you want.

Plugin Creation Service

Plugin Creation

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Plugin Creation Service

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