Xtreme Mega Menu

Xtreme Mega Menu

Xtreme Mega Menu

Xtreme Mega Menu

The Ultimate Mega Menu Plugin


This Mega Menu is feature rich, with more features than i can list here, but the basic options are you can drag and drop your links into either header or top menu, align them left, right or center, add a title, icon or both, upload a logo image, change the background colour of the header or top menu and a choice of four different Menu Views.

Desktop Demo Admin Demo More Info

For Admin Demo: Username: [email protected], Password: admin


Admin configuration

The Mega Menu configuration page is split up into three sections, Settings, Header Menu and Top Menu as you can see from the image below there are many options and as you add/remove menu items the options are also added/removed automatically.

Here is the Mega Menu top-menu configuration Page.


Frontend View

You may also be pleasently suprised to know that we have included four different dropdown menus for you to choose from, Simple View, Grid View, List View and Thumbnails View which you can select from your Admin Configuration page for Categories, Manufacturers or Vendors.

If you require a custom built Dropdown Menu we can do that for you as well, please ask for a quote.

Simple View


Grid View


List View


Thumbnail View


Included Features

Feature Rich multiple optionsDrag and Drop Menu Items
Menu Item alignmentMenu Item Icons, title or Both
Menu Background colour changeMultiple Dropdown Views
Logo Image uploadOnhover/click Dropdown menu
One Year Free SupportOne Year Free Upgrades
Fully LocalisableCustomisable
Source CSSSource Views
Tested in all BrowsersSuitable for all trades

Included in our
Xtreme Plugin Collection

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