nopCommerce 3.80 Click4Assistance Plugin

Click4Assistance is a complete live chat software solution that allows you to add any or all of the tools to your website in a matter of minutes, download includes complete user guide.
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nopCommerce 3.80 Click4Assistance Plugin

Click4Assistance is a complete live chat software solution that allows you to add any or all of the tools to your website in a matter of minutes, download also includes complete user guide.

nopCommerce version 3.80.



Designed to be easy to implement our professional package is the ideal live chat software for small to medium size businesses in any industry.

Proven to generate more sales, reduce online abandonments and increase customer satisfaction, are your competitors already using live chat?

  • Live Chat – Click4Assistance has been designed for a single operator or multiple user environment. The Dashboard is the control centre for chat operators, providing a cutting edge, intuitive and user friendly interface, with access to current chats and live visitors; useful tools are at your fingertips. (Map of visitor’s location, pre-defined replies, auto navigation, co-browser plus much more)
  • Website Activity – The website analytics module tracks and monitors your visitors' behaviour, providing website and digital marketing performance metrics. Which pages are most popular? How long your visitors spend on each page? Where is your traffic coming from? Which keywords produce the best results?
  • Proactive Invitation – An invitation of your design, based on specific ‘rules’ will appear on the customers’ browser offering them your help and assistance, once accepted a live chat is started with your team. Rules can be based on the visit duration, the page being viewed, even which keyword(s) brought the visitor to your website!
  • Push Promotions – Promotions allow you to present an image, containing any type of information, to visitors while they browse your website. Advertise your latest offer, remind your visitors to register for your newsletter, or even invite them to follow you on Twitter! If your visitor accepts, they will automatically be taken to the page you specify.
  • Call-Back Forms – If none of your operators are available the chat button will automatically default to offline, when clicked the 'call-back form' will be presented to the visitor. Fully configurable, this form allows you to gather contact and enquiry information which is emailed straight to your inbox for follow up.
  • Survey Forms – Gain valuable feedback on both chat and operator performance using surveys which are presented to the visitor when the chat has finished. Keep up to date with customer satisfaction levels, have the results delivered straight to your inbox and view comprehensive KPI information within the management reporting suite.
  • Forensics – View and interrogate comprehensive information regarding specific visitors’ activities within your website including navigational patterns, conversion tendencies and chat activity. This advanced website activity investigative tool contributes valuable metrics for prospect identification, navigational behaviour tendencies and conversion drivers.

Packed full of useful features this technology even works out of hours or when you are just too busy. Simply make yourself unavailable, allowing your visitors to leave you a message.


Higher conversions, larger orders and fewer lost customers.

By placing a real live person in your website, Live Chat technology is proven to:

  • Generate More Sales – Sites offering live help report a substantial increase in orders. Customers are four times more likely to make a purchase after having a live chat.
  • Reduced Abandonments – Giving the customer the ability to converse at the point of order decreases the number of shopping cart abandonments, loss of subscriptions, loss of new accounts etc. Customers can now have their questions answered leading to a purchase commitment.
  • Keep Customers on your Site85% of visitors with unanswered questions on products or services are likely to try another site for information. Companies are losing the equivalent of £14bn a year due to poor online customer experiences.
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell – Engaging with customers allows your representatives to understand their needs. You can now advise, up-sell or cross-sell other product lines – all adding to your profits.
  • Capture Customers from your Competitors – With only 7% of online businesses offering a live chat service, you can stay one step ahead. Maybe your competitors are already part of that 7%, can you afford to get left behind?
  • Loyal, Satisfied, Repeat Customers – A happy customer will return to your website and recommend you to others.

Live chat software connects potential customers browsing your website with your sales team. Click4Assistance can be used across all of your corporate sites; visitors are now able to reach departments and representatives with just one click!


Understand your visitors and optimise your marketing budget.

Visitors that find their way to your website bring with them a wealth of untapped information. Gather actionable insights to make informed management decisions leading to reduced costs and increased campaign performance.

  • Monitor Marketing and Advertising Campaigns – Identify which referrers are driving traffic to your website, determine the effectiveness of banner campaigns, pinpoint visitor's geographical location to monitor offline marketing response levels by region.
  • Streamline Pay-Per Click Campaigns for Increased ROI – Are you spending too much on PPC? Are marketing pounds being spent on the right keywords? The Click4Assistance Live Chat software will specify the keywords used by each visitor to reach your website enabling you to measure and lift ROI.
  • Trend Analysis – The extensive reporting suite enables evaluation and analysis of valuable information. Which pages are most popular? How long do your visitors spend on each page? And much more...
  • Promote Activities and Traffic Flows that Drive Revenue – Track conversions and analyse visitor behaviour patterns to identify revenue generating navigational patterns. Use proactive promotions to redirect visitors to desirable pages or automatically redirect during a chat.
  • Improve Webpage Content – Do you know at which pages your visitors abandon? Do questions arise from specific pages more often? Use this information to improve content and keep visitors on your site, enhance customer experience and reduce impact on customer service resources.
  • Improve Website Navigation – How well does traffic flow through your site? Are visitors taking your preferred path? View visit information on a page by page basis to fully evaluate navigational patterns, cross reference with conversion tracking to recognize profitable routes.
  • Gather Sales Leads – The Click4Assistance Live Chat Software works for you even when no operators are available. Use the call back form to capture visitor contact details for your sales team to follow up.


Quicker and easier resolutions means happier customers.

Increasingly companies are using Live Chat to service support enquiries. Here are some of the reasons why...

  • Increased Customer Confidence – When surveyed, 82% of regular internet users said the presence of Live Chat on a website positively influenced their perception of the company.
  • Easier – Unlike talking on the phone, there's no need to find a pen and paper and take notes. Written instructions during chat are easier to follow and the transcript can be emailed for future reference.
  • Multi-tasking – Phone calls and emails can only be dealt with one at a time, using live chat enables your support team to handle multiple enquiries at once.
  • Save Time – Answers and instructions can be delivered quickly and efficiently. The ability to email a transcript of the chat ensures there is no need to retype instructions into an email.
  • Reduce Costs – Less time spent on each enquiry means reduced demand on your resources. No set up costs or hardware to purchase leads to further savings.
  • Accurate – Pre defined replies ensure consistent, accurate answers are given.

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