New nopCommerce 4 Smart Ajax Filters Plugin

New nopCommerce 4 Smart Ajax Filters Plugin

New nopCommerce 4 Smart Ajax Filters Plugin

Filters do play an important part in all Ecommerce websites, allowing your customers to find exactly what they are looking for, and just making it generally easier for them, so with that in mind we have been on a bit of a journey to come up with some new options we could offer to make them even better, yes you can still filter by Attributes, Manufacturers, Price Specifications and Vendors, but now we have also added some other great features that will not only help your site look even smarter, but will also win you brownie points with Google and get you more customers in return, so a it's a win win situation all round.

Introducing Smart Filter SEO URL's no longer will you see "!#-!33!-#!!-#!!-#!" because this tell's Google and your clients absolutely nothing about the contents of the page except for the fact it is displaying the contents of Attribute 6, but thankfully all of that has now changed to look like this "!Size=Medium" and is totally indexable and also tells Google and your clients exactly what the contents of your page really is.

OLD URL!#-!33!-#!!-#!!-#!

NEW URL:!Size=Medium

Ok so you have bought your new Filters Plugin to make your site more user friendly and make your customers happy, but the colour scheme is completely different from the one you are using on your site and it looks well just a bit bland (Standard Grey) which is ok, well not with ours it won't, because you can change the colours of all the filters to exactly match your own colour scheme directly from our Smart Filters Plugin Admin. So now you can make it look exactly how you want it to look even without writing a single piece of CSS.

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